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i know this is a bizarre question but do you know if the boys wear bracelets? like maybe quite the friendship ones? really want to get them a gift when i meet them just not sure what :)

I’m sure they would wear them if a fan gave one to them :)

Max and Charlie Carver at ‘The Leftovers’ premiere.

I wish I had a friend like Stiles… at least I’ve got a brother like @maxcarver.

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@maxcarver: This is Candy Darling. She’s a #treasure

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Preston & Porter Scavo in every episode

     ↳ Season 8 Episode 23 “Finishing the hat

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In other news my friend tellmeifimgonnabethatonenight saw holland and one of the carver twins on the subway today and heres a photo

Daniel being PERFECT with sunglasses and the Carver twins in NYC. #icant {May 2014}
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Still of Max Carver in ‘Undiscovered Gyrl’

The same thing is going to happen to us.


Laughing Carvers are the best Carvers.


The Leftovers, a new series to HBO this summer, premiered the first trailer last night! Check it out below!

Earlier this year, HBO picked up a ten-episode series, The Leftovers based on the novel by Tom Perrotta. The show will explore the aftermath of the disappearing citizens and the groups that develop as a result. Did the world just experience the Rapture or something different?

Watch the trailer at


Let’s pretend it’s not over though, and keep posting pics. @maxcarver and @charliecarverofficial we want you on an episode ASAP!