Max Carver’s butt in episode 1.07 of The Leftovers

If you could use one word to describre the following characters, what would it be?

Actress Holland Roden and actor Max Carver attends the HBO Emmys After Party.

Happy Birthday Charlie (31.07) and Max (01.08) Carver

poseycarver asked:
i know this is a bizarre question but do you know if the boys wear bracelets? like maybe quite the friendship ones? really want to get them a gift when i meet them just not sure what :)

I’m sure they would wear them if a fan gave one to them :)

Max and Charlie Carver at ‘The Leftovers’ premiere.

I wish I had a friend like Stiles… at least I’ve got a brother like @maxcarver.

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@maxcarver: This is Candy Darling. She’s a #treasure

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Preston & Porter Scavo in every episode

     ↳ Season 8 Episode 23 “Finishing the hat

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In other news my friend tellmeifimgonnabethatonenight saw holland and one of the carver twins on the subway today and heres a photo